Pattern says Cast on 7 stitches at beg of next 6 rows

I’ve read a lot of posts where it’s said to use the backwards loop to cast on these 7 stitches at the beg of my next row. It doesn’t seem to be working for me and is most likely that I’m doing something wrong. I’m an English Knitter and I cast the 7 stitches onto my left hand needle then knit them with my empty right hand needle. Problem is that the cast on edge looks different than the rest of the stitches on the needle and the yarn between my rhn and lhn needle keeps growing. This leaves a length of yarn (which I’m assuming will create a hole) and the next newly cast on stitch is very tight and hard to knit into. What the heck am I doing wrong? Thank goodness I have a different project to work on until I figure this out. If I didn’t I may end up poking my eyes out with my needles from pure frustration! :wall:

The backward loop cast on can be annoying to knit into because if you make it loose enough to knit easily it’s too loose.

Maybe you can try the cable cast on. It may make a nicer edge for you.

The cable cast on seems to be a lot tighter. I’m struggling with it a bit but I think if I keep at it, it might just work. Thanks so much.