Pattern rewrites

For knitting garments, I’m beginning to prefer using finer (sport-sock) yarns. The trouble is, that I’m finding tons of great patterns that are written for worsted/bulky weight. How would one go about rewriting the pattern for the finer weight?


Ack. I think I’d just find patterns for the yarn weight I want or at least something like DK so it’s not so far off.

Not much help if you really want to try rewriting… Sorry!

Well, if the pattern is simple enough it’s just a matter of doing a gauge conversion every time you are given a stitch count.

pattern guage 18 sts = 4in
preferred yarn 22 sts = 4in

Pattern says to CO 100
100sts/18guage = 5.5
5.5 x 22guage = 122.2sts
So, CO 122 or 123 with the preferred yarn.

Which you CO (122 or 123) will be decided by the pattern. Does it need to be an even number or an odd?
Also, is it a repeating pattern where you need a multiple of X? If so, then figure out which multiple of x comes closest to the 122.2 and use that multiple/number of sts. So if you needed multiples of 10 then you would have to use 120 or 130sts. Which you choose would likely depend on how tight/loose a knitter you are.

Sometimes it works to make a larger size of the pattern. Find out your gauge with the yarn and needles you want to use, then divide the sts per inch into the sts given for the bigger sizes to see if that will be close enough to the finished measurement you need. The lengths would be given in inches so you use the same measurement given for the regular size.

How would you calculate how much yarn to buy?

If it works that you can follow a larger size of the pattern, get the yardage for that size. If you need to use more sts, then sometimes you can get an estimate by using the gauge. Say the pattern is 9 sts in 2" and you’re using a yarn that gets you 13 sts in 2" then it would take you about 145% more yarn the for the regular size in the original yarn.

thanks everyone this is all very helpful!