Pattern request for chemo cap, beanie, or baret

Hello, my wife has a coworker that has requested a hat because she is again undergoing chemo.

Does any one have any free pattern suggestions? Time is short for me to get started on this.

Thank you for your time and attention.


Depending on your skill level and time…:raising_hand_woman:

Knots of Love is a wonderful charity that supplies knit hats or patterns for those undergoing chemo. They even have a recommended yarn list which is made up of soft yarns to use. It’s a good gift which will be much apprectiated. Kind of you to step in and make the hat, Jack.

Thank you both! I started with a two needle long tail provisional cast on to start a tubular CO edge. At least I think that is what it is called when the stitches seem to roll around the cast on edge.

It Took me three tries to get the size and stitch count to match the pattern. I find my hands going numb too quickly these days.

I need to capture the progress in photos. I am too tired tonight to do more but wanted to thank you to you both.

Using Caron Simply Soft yarn in some blue color. Will read label tomorrow and post when I can.

Good night.


Sounds good. I do like the look of a tubular cast on or an Italian bind off. Such a neat edge.