Pattern Repeat Problem

I have this amazing James Brett pattern JB224 which has a diamond pattern on it. The vee is in the middle of the first row and gradually works its way out to halfway up the front then at row 71 it turns back in. (Rows 69 and 70 are the beginning of the armhole decrease. ) The pattern spells out another 7 rows then the next bit says "work 46 rows decreasing and increasing as before (working 1 st more at each end and 2sts less in centre) in 3rd and every foll 3rd row. Aaaagggh I have no idea what that means. I thought I would simply reverse the pattern (taking into account the armhole decrease).

That sounds like all you need to do, reverse the pattern thereby reversing the direction of the diamond outline.
It’s likely that the
“working 1 st more at each end and 2sts less in centre” refers to the diamond shape itself. The diamond pattern shifts by working an additional stitch on either end of the outside of the diamond and working one fewer on each side of the inside. It’s much the same as you worked in the lower part of the V except that the shaping is switched to make the upper portion, the inverted V.
Were these shifts also worked every 3 rows in the lower V? That’s about what it looks like, rows 3,6,9,12 and so on.

Great looking graphic!

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You are what my late Mum would call an Annie Marvel. I think if I stop panicking and reverse it should work. Yes the shifts are every 3rd row. Many thanks yet again for your lifeline. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Can’t wait to see your sweater. Have fun!

Fingers crossed

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