Pattern reading

I was About to try this pattern when i noticed on row 2 it says “row 2 and 4 purl” does anyone know what this means? I understand how to do Row 1

Also it seems row 4 is missing or is it just me?

TY for any help

Holy hell Ignore this I just realized what it said!!! I read it for the 5th time and realized this!!!
Yep I feel smart :aww:

That’s okay, even those of us who’ve been knitting a long time overlook things in patterns.

:teehee: Oh yeah, I do stuff like that and I’ve been knitting for 6 yrs. I usually read patterns pretty well, but the one I’m doing now I had to start over 3 times for various reasons including I read ONE line wrong twice! :doh:

I do have a question about row one…just to clarify I am doing it right… knit 1, K2tog,(yo,k1)3times, yo, k2tog repeat* to end k1

I k1, k2tog, I do yo,k1 3 times…now do I do the yo and k2tog till the rest of the row or do I do all these steps till the end of the row?

I am working with real skinny furry yarn and its driving me crazy because the stitches are really loose.(it’s stuff I found in the thrift store)

knit 1, K2tog,(yo,k1)3times, yo, k2tog repeat*

You repeat the sequence between the stars. K1 at the end.

hello everyone I’m mandy, new here:)
I’ve just started to knit and there’s this pattern that I have almost no idea about:knitting: : k0(1:2),(k2tog) 5(6:7) times,k1,ssk,yo,k5,k2tog,yo.k4,yo,ssk,k3,ssk,yo,k3,(k2tog) 5 times,k0 (1:2).34 sts.
what does this mean by “knit zero.34 sts”? :oo:
and by the way the size i’m knitting in is small
at the end of the pattern if I knit zero than I’ll have 11 remaining stitches:frog:
what should I do?:verysad:
please help :help:

The k0 means there is no stitch to knit for your size so you can skip that. I’ve deleted it in the row:

[k2tog) 5(6:7) times,k1,ssk,yo,k5,k2tog,yo.k4,yo,ssk,k3,ssk,yo,k3,(k2tog) 5 times. 34 sts.

34sts tells you the total number of sts you’ll have when you finish the row. The row before this should have 44sts and since your net decrease is 10sts, you’ll finish the row with 34sts.
The Details: the pattern begins the ends with k2tog repeated 5 times at each end so that gives you the decrease of 10sts. There are 4 decreases in the central part of the pattern, ssk or k2tog but these have a yo to increase for each and so there’s no change in the st number. If you’d like to see a video of the yo, which happens between sts, go to the Free Videos, Increases page. For the ssk or k2tog, see Decreases.

Welcome to KH! Glad to have your here.

thank you very much!
your explanation was very complete so thank you for your help