Pattern reading

Hi, I am new to knitting and I am making a hat on circular needle. The pattern has me casting on 99 stitches…did that. Row 1-2 is K4, Purl 1 around…got that…my problem is when I get back around to beginning I have not completed the K 4, Purl 1 before next row should start. What should I be doing? Since next row is the same.

What’s the name of the pattern? If you have a link to it can you post it? It helps when we are answering questions.

How many stitches do you have left before you’d start a new round? I’m wondering if 99 for the cast on is an error. If you cast on 100 stitches the k4,p1 should work.

This is in leisure arts celebrity slouchy beanies for the family…I don’t have a link nor do I have permission to take a picture to show you. I think I will make it 100 then everything works out I hope. I don’t know how the latter part of the pattern will work

That’s fine. I’d go with a 100 at least for the ribbing. Is the pattern all stockinette?

No it has some cable stitches in it as well. I did restart with 100 to make the ribbing come out even and that is looking better. Hard for us beginners to think maybe the publisher made mistake. I’m sure it is my mistake! I appreciate your quick response! Thank you

count your stitches!! If the pattern is correct (and that is a BIG IF) then that could be your problem. I am not the biggest fan of Leisure Arts… ahem- off topic I know.

If your stitch count is correct- look up Leisure Arts pattern online, and see if they have any errata.corrections for this pattern. When I find that the pattern is not “acting right”, I often find a correction has been made. Especially if it is a printed pattern.