Pattern reading question

Hello knitters.

I am making the orange smoothie tank from “more big girl knits”

I am having trouble figuring out the set up row instructions for the bust. Can someone please tell me what I am supposed to do with the following:



They are all denoted together with commas before and after so I assume that I need to include all of these steps in whatever I am decreasing.

Any feedback will be great. I have a long plane ride tomorrow and would like to be able to figure this out. I’ve got some but the videos aren’t helping me see the entire picture since these combos aren’t listed.

I knit continental, if that matters.

There should be an explanation in the patternnotes before the cast on, or somewhere else in the book.

SskS2KP = slip slip ktog, slip 2, k psso. Maybe there should be a comma, like this - ssk, s2kp. It decs 3 sts but I think it’s supposed to result in one stitch somehow.

S2K2togP = this is easier, slip 2 as if to knit tog, k2tog, pass the slip sts over. This would be a triple dec.

Thanks for the information.

The crazy thing is that neither are listed in the abbreviations section of the books (editors may have been asleep at wheel). Also, the grouping listed are what are in book. I will try what you suggest since I think the goal is to have triple decreases for both since I need to have 6 stitches less on the row.

Sometimes they put uncommon terms in the pattern itself, but they may have overlooked it on this one.