Pattern Reading Question

Hello knitters,

I am very new to knitting and need help interpreting the instructions in a pattern. The pattern is for a pair of baby booties. Here’s the part I’m not getting…

(as part of making the upper part of the bootie)
Row 25: k10, cast off 3sts, k10.
Row 26: purl.

The pattern is from a book published in Britain so I’m not sure if it is simply a different way of saying something basic that I am just not familiar with.

Please let me know if you need more info on the pattern.

Thanks for the help!! Happy New Year!!


The “On 10 stitches” is just sitting there by itself?

Is there a link to the pattern on line?

It could be Cast on 10 sts, or there’s something missing – `on 10 sts do xxxx.’

Thanks for the quick responses.

It does seem like there should be more. I’ll post the entire pattern to hopefully shed some light.

Thanks so much for the help.


Well, Row 25 seems to be complete since it accounts for the 23 stitches you were working on.
And Row 26 is included.
So I’m guessing that “on 10 stitches” was part of something that should have been deleted but wasn’t. I’d ignore it.

‘On 10 sts’ means that you are going to work row 26 through where it says to bind off just on the first 10 sts. Once you bind those sts off, it says to rejoin your yarn to your remaining 10 sts and continue on from there, making the decreases match those on the 10 sts you just knit and bound off.

Thanks campbellmom549!

I get it now. Feeling silly for having not figured that out in the first place! I really appreciate your and everyone’s help with this!

Happy Knitting!! :slight_smile:

You shouldn’t feel silly. :slight_smile: It’s not very clear at all.

Ahhh, when a patter starts out `on x sts…’ look to what happens next to see what you do with those 10sts. It helps to have the entire row in context to understand it.