Pattern-reading question

Hi all,

I’m making these anklet socks, and maybe I’m just being dull, but I’m not sure from the directions [SIZE=4][COLOR=darkorchid]here[/COLOR][/SIZE]whether I’m supposed to be doing 5 total repeats or 6 total repeats of the lace pattern in the first part, the cuff…

What’s your take?

Diane :??

You can knit as many as [U][B]you[/B][/U]think looks good. It’s up to you, different people like different cuff lengths. Just be sure to finish a full repeat before you start the heel.

“different people like different cuff lengths”

Thing is…this sock is kinda different…the cuff is worked laterally around the leg and then joined and stitches picked up on the bottom edge to go on with the rest of the sock. The top edge has a scallop on it by virtue of the lace pattern increases.



‘Work 5 pattern repeats, less one row’. Although if you felt it were really obvious that 4 or 6 would fit much better… I don’t see why you wouldn’t change it.