Pattern reading question

Hi all.

Another “newbie” question again.

I’m trying to teach myself to read patterns, and while there seems to be a universal language of sorts, sometimes I see variants.

I’m not sure how to read something like this; it’s for a simple winter hat.

I’m not sure what the numbers all mean, for example, the “52(34”. And then repeat round 1?

Could someone help and explain a bit more?

Original Pattern Instructions:

Using the long-tail cast-on method, cast-on 66(44) and join to work in the round.

Round 1: [K1, P1]. Repeat all the way around.

Round 2 – 52(34) : Repeat round 1.

Note: Every row should begin with a Knit stitch and finish with a Purl stitch.

Round 53(35) : K1 [Dec, K1]. Repeat all the way around.

Round 54(36): K1 [Dec]. Repeat all the way around.

Round 55(37): K all the way around.

What pattern is this from? Can you share a link please. I’m baffled by the instructions you posted.

It looks like the pattern is written for 2 different weights of yarn, bulky and super bulky. The numbers 66(44) are the number of sts to cast on depending on the your yarn weight.
The later number refer to the row or since this is worked in the round, the round numbers.
For example, for bulky yarn rounds 2 through 52 or for super bulky yarn rounds 2 through 34 are repeats of round 1.
(This differs from the number in the video that accompanies the pattern but actually you’re likely to knit until you have the length that you want anyway.)

Good for you for working different patterns and learning the variations from one designer to the next. There are certain basics as you’ve realized but each designer has a preferred way of writing. It gets easier the more you work. Enjoy!