Pattern Reading Help

Ok, I am knitting my first sweater :woot: and am having difficulty :??.

The sweater is:

I had issues with the shoulders…and will need to take it to the nearest knit shop to figure out what went wrong.

So, decided to work on the sleeves…HELP…what am I missing? I can’t seem to read/understand patterns at all.

CO 96 sts. (DONE)
Work even in St st for 2 inches (EASY ENOUGH)
Dec 1 st from each edge on next and every following 3rd row to 42 sts. (WHAT? :tap: — here are my questions:

  1. Do I do the same decrease or different for slanting?
    2)Also, every 3rd row would mean that I am alternating the decrease on the knit then purl rows, correct?)
    The rest I can figure out…surprising, I know.

This is going to kill me yet!



You can do slanted decs - ssk at the beginning of the row, k2tog at the end. Every 3rd row would be on either a knit or a purl row.

1 - k, dec
2 - p
3 - k
4 - p, dec