Pattern reading help


i’m currentley knitting a toy dragon. I’ve succesfully completed the wings and feet. I am now starting the tail but I can’t figured out how to get started so thought i’d ask for help!

It says cast on 2 stitches On DPN and then using two needles knit 2 rounds (I cord) I can do this part fine, and then knit 1, Right increase then using 3 needles knit round 5 times.

How to I change from using 2 to 3? It doesn’t state how many stitches should be on each needle. and what happens to the last stitch after the increase?

thank you


I hope I’m reading it right, after the 2 rounds of I cord, then the knit 1 right increase would equal now 3 stitches? My guess is when working in the round 5 times, knit one stitch, get another dpn, knit one stitch on the third needle. Then use a 4th DPN to knit the round with all 3 stitches on separate needles.

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thanks for the reply! Once i’ve increased (now have 3 stitches) i’ve finding it very confusing to put them on 3 needles and knitting the 5 rounds without things getting tangled up. Heres the pattern if that makes it clearer for anymore tips/advice



What if you continue working the 3sts and then even the 4 sts as I-cord? When you get to 5sts, the 3 needles will be a little easier to manage.
Three sts on 3 needles and 4 sts on 4 needles are a pain to work.