Pattern Reading help needed

I have an easy question about reading knitting patterns. When a pattern says “work 8 rows in st st”, does it mean 8 finished rows of stockinette (i.e. is each knit/purl combination “one” row) or will I just knit a row then purl a row four times? I think I’m complicating something that’s very easy.
Thanks for the help!

Each time you complete a row, put a hatch mark on a piece of paper. When you’ve got 8 hatch marks, you’re done! (with that part, anyway) :teehee: Easy!

Happy knitting!


As far as I know, “one row” always and forever means going from one end of the object to the other end. (Watch someone prove me wrong…) So in your case, it’s knit, purl, knit, purl, knit, purl, knit, purl.

I had wondered the same thing, thanks! :slight_smile:

Usually, I just glance at the pattern, stare at the pic, glance at the pattern, stare at the pic, wing it from there, and hope it turns out okay, lol

Yes, definitely. Knitting across is 1 row, purling across is another row.