Pattern Questions

I am wanting to start this hat

I have two questions -

I would rather do the beginning in seed stitch rather than garter stitch. Since its an even cast on, do I begin every other row with k1? (like this row 1, k1, row 2 p1)

Also, how do I do the join part? I’m not sure how to get the flat to the round…


To knit seed st k and p across the first row. Then every row after that, knit what looks like purl sts and purl the knit sts, this works for either an even or odd number of stitches. To knit seed st in the round though, it works better on an odd number of sts, otherwise you’ll have 2 knits or 2 purls at the beg/end of every round. You can just cast on and join in the round; the pattern has you work flat because of the garter stitch so you don’t have to purl any rounds and eliminates the jog. Since you’re going to do seed st, you don’t have to knit flat first. So cast on either 87 or 89 sts and after you’ve done the edging, adjust your stitch number to 88 on the first knit round so the decs work out right.

Thanks! Just to be clear, how do I decrease after adding the extra stitch? Would i just knit 2 together?