Pattern Questions

I’m attempting to make the Peapod Baby Set from Knittingdaily. Anyways, I’m trying to start the sweater but keep messing up, so before I throw this out the window, I thought I’d ask you kind ladies and/or gentlmen.

The pattern says to knit or purl 4 and then there’s “no stitch” and then purl/knit 3 more, etc.

What does, “no stitch” mean? Do i just slip the stitch or do I just go on to the next stitch? I’m so confused.

Also, about pattern reading. I start with row 1 on the right, so then do I start row 2 reading it from the left side? I hope that question made sense!

Thanks for you help in advance!

No Stitch is there just to keep the chart lined up. Pretend it doesn’t exist, and just do the next stitch.

The right side of the chart is read right to left, the wrong side from left to right.

Wow I’m glad you posted this. I was just looking at a chart last night that had the no stitch in it and I was wondering what in the world that meant.