Pattern Questions from Last Minute Gifts (Hourglass sweater)

Gearing up for my 8 hr. sweater from last minute gifts(hourglass sweater) and I’m confused about the directions. I’ve never followed a pattern for knitting in the round.

I get through the 1st paragraph okay… CO…joining,…knit 10 rnds (got that!), [color=red]end last rnd 2 sts before the beginning marker[/color] [color=darkblue]*Will the remaining 2 sts. become ssk, k1 (of decrease round)?

[/color]Decrease rnd: ssk, k1, k2tog, knit to within 2 sts. of next marker; repeat from* once more–4 sts. decresed. Knit 8 rnds.

[color=red]Repeat the last 9 rnds. UH?.. :?? [/color][color=darkblue]Which last 9 rnds? [/color]Am I suppose to knit a decrease rnd once followed by the 8 knit rnds??

Increase rnd:*kf&b, k1, kf&b, k within 1st st. marker repeat from * once more–4 sts. increased. knit 13 rnds.

[color=red]Repeat last 14 rnds[/color]. [color=darkblue]which 14 rnds?? [/color](once I understand how to repeat 9 rows in (above confusion) then I should be able to figure this one out.)

If ya’ll can help get me through this part of the sweater, then I will only have a bizzzzzillion more questions. :oops:


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It looks like your decreases will go ssk, (marker) k1, k2tog, so you’ve got that.

As for the last 9 rounds–they consist of the decrease round and the following 8 rounds after that. You’re doing fine!

Ingrid, I just do the increase round once (when it says repeat) before the 8 knit rnds?

:thumbsup: Ingrid thanks so much, you just got me through the body of the sweater. Now I just need my yarn–ordered but, waiting impatiently :lol: .

:cheering: I should know this pattern inside and out by the time my yarn gets here. I’m using Debbie Bliss (wool/cotton) in lt. blue. :cheering:


Yup, do one decrease round and then 8 knit rounds. Then repeat the decrease and the next 8 for the next 9 rounds.

Is this the Herrschner’s yarn? They’re usually pretty good on shipping.

Ingrid, just one more teeny tiny question :oops: :blush:

I went back and read your 2nd post and realized that I wasn’t sure what you meant by "Then repeat the decrease and the next for [color=red][/color]9 rounds :??

In the pattern (which I failed to mention) reads [color=green][/color]Repeat the last 9 rounds [color=darkred]2 more times[/color].

Just to make sure I understand (since, I’m just too stubborn to give up!!) My rows should look like this??:
Dec rnd then knit 8 (1), Dec. rnd then k8 (2) …Is this the right row count (a total 18 rows before moving to increase?)

I don’t do this for 9 more times do I?? that would be over 300 rows.

Nothin’ like knitting to teach you humility! It’s always great to be reminded as a teacher how confusing it can be to learn something new.

I promise this will click sooon!


No, you do it twice. I’m sorry if I confused you.

Whew! I’m a bit relieved! You had me worried :roflhard:

:thumbsup: :cheering:
Than[color=red]xoxoxox[/color] Ingrid!