Pattern question

I’m trying to add width to this scarf but don’t know enough about patterns to adjust it. I’ve tried adding multiples of 8, but can’t make it work. Any suggestions?


Very pretty scarf pattern. You’re right. The multiple is 8 so adding sts in groups of 8 (plus 11sts for the borders outside the repeat) will widen the scarf.
Have you tried one or two repeats on a swatch? Can you get those to work?
Are you using a stitch for the yarn over? It occurs between sts and doesn’t use up a stitch.

So do I need to add 8 plus 11? The pattern is for 35, so could I make it 54?

You need to add in groups of 8. Then add 11sts, just once.
The pattern calls for
3x8=24. Add 11 to get 35sts
You could make:
5x8=40. Add 11 to get 51sts
6x8=48. Add 11 to get 59sts.

I tried it with 51, and I seemed to keep adding stitches with the yarn overs. And sometimes it was growing towards 6 instead of 5 “v’s” in the pattern. I wouldn’t always have 4 stitches left at the end of each row, and I wouldn’t know whether to add a yarn over. Do you know what I’m doing wrong?

One of the most common mistakes is to use a stitch for the yarn over. I don’t know if this is the problem but it could be. Bring the yarn to the front between the needles and then over the right needle to the back. That’s it.
Another possibility is at the beginning of a row. Make sure that the yarn is hanging down and to the back not pulled up and over the needle. That makes the first stitch look like two sts.
One thing that may help is to put in markers (these can be circles of scrap yarn)after the first 7sts and between the repeats. Then you can see where the extra sts are coming from and figure out how to stop them.

My yarn overs are good. Why 7 stitches? I thought it was 4 on both ends that made up the edges? I think my lack of understanding about this is where my problem lies, because the scarf looks good until you get to the end of my right side rows

Rows 1,3, and 5 begin with 7sts and end with 4sts. You’re right that row 7 has only 4sts either side of the repeats.
But for rows 1 and 3 for example, the first 7sts are:
K4, yo, sk2p, yo
That’s knit 4 (uses 4sts)
sk2p is the slip one, k2tog, pass slipped sts over (uses 3sts).

So should I be stopping wherever I am in the pattern when there are 4 stitches left in the row? And if I’m at a spot where I would yarn over next, should I, or should I just skip it?

You should be able to complete however many repeats you planned on making and have 4sts remaining for the edge.
If you aren’t finishing at the end of a repeat, then there’s something wrong in one or more of the earlier repeats.

Test the pattern out with some scrap yarn. May be cast on 27sts (16sts plus 11). That’s enough for 2 repeats. Put in markers after the first 7sts, then between the repeats and at the end of the 2nd repeat just before the final 4sts. Work row one and if you don’t finish repeat #2 with 4sts remaining, let us know. You can look at the repeats and count how many sts are in each after row 1.

Thanks, I will give it a try

Thanks, I will give it a try