Pattern question

Would someone please take a look at this pattern? I want to know if it is true, you make the ear flaps first and THEN the cap? This is supposed to be an easy pattern but it looks like they have made it harder than it could be. :??


Yes, it’s true, but it’s not really difficult. You knit the earflaps and break the yarn, but don’t bind off. If you’ve got several needles of the same size I’d leave the stitches on the needles for each earflap. The take a needle that will be large enough for a hat and cast on (according to pattern) knit across1 earflap stitches and set aside the old needle, co x number of stitches, knit across earflap, co and then continue in pattern till you’re done.

Now I know this sounds confusing. Just break it down into small bites. First do the earflaps. You can do it! :thumbsup:

So when you break the yarn, does it just sit there for the time being?

With this instruction: [COLOR=“Blue”] cast on 3
sts. K3, then K13 (15) from first Earflap[/COLOR]
how do you K13 (15) from 3 stitches? :think:

Yes, I just cut it about 6" or whatever I feel comfortable with.

CO 3
Knit 3, then knit 13 (15) from earflap. (15 is if you’re knitting the larger size)

I feel like such a dummy. Where do those 13 stitches go? On the ear flap? It’s a good thing I’m not attempting this until I finish the one I’m on now. I’ve got lots of time to hopefully learn this.

You cast on 3 after you have cut the first part. Then this is separate from the first part, right? Maybe I will get a lightbulb when I start knitting. lol I hope so.

Your eapflap has (or should have) live stitches. When you finish it you either leave it on the needles you knit with, put those stitches on waste yarn, or put them on another needle if you need to use the ones you knit with. When you cut the yarn there are still stitches that haven’t been worked yet.

So you CO 3 and then knit 3. Then just knit the live stitches on the earflap. Just make sure that the right side of the ear flap is facing you as you knit them.

Try it. It’ll make more sense when you do it. I’ll see if I can find a video.

First let me say - this video is NOT your pattern and is done a little differently. But, at 12:45 in the video it shows her knitting the stitches off the earflap like you need to do on yours.