Pattern Question

I’m actually using a pattern from the book, Lace Collection for Knitting: Intricate Shawls, Simple Accessories, Cozy Sweaters and More Stylish Designs for Every Season Paperback – September 1, 2013, by the Knitter Magazine. I’m trying to knit the Marianne Purse (pattern) by Teva Durham.

Here’s how R1 reads in the pattern, ‘cast on 40 sts: Begin chart row, as foll: k1, *yo, k19; rep from * once, yo, k1. 43 sts’
Thus far, there are 8 rows and the even rows (WS) are purl sts while the odd rows are the lace pattern and knitted.

thus far I’ve knitted up to R8 and now the pattern calls for me to ‘Continue to work beg st., work chart rep twice, then work end sets as established.’ I’m confused as to how to continue.

My question: Do I just beg again with row 1 (continuing with other 7 rows?) and for the Rep rather than do these once do I do them twice? I don’t see how that is possible, mathematically speaking. And are the end sets the last sts after the rep asterisks?

Hope this makes sense! Can someone please help?
Thank you!

What a beautiful pattern.
Yes, continue with rows 1-8. Make the k1 edge stitch, 2 repeats of the pattern from the chart and end with a k1.