Pattern question

Hi, I’m making a baby hat that has ear flaps. Here is what the pattern says:

Knit 5 (6) stitches in ribbing as usual, then twice into each stitch for the next 15 (18) stitches. Then 26 (30) normal stitches, twice into the next 18, then 5 (6) normal. On the next round start knitting stockinette, and put all the new stitches onto an additional needle/thread, and leave them for later. The best needle is a small safety pin, wich can be closed.

What new stitches do I put onto an additional needle? Because new stitches are every other, do they want me to put every other stitch into a new needle? This doesn’t make sense.

Do you have a pattern link?

Yes, those increase sts from the knit or purl into the front, knit into the back of the stitch are the ones that the pattern wants you to put onto the holder. Yes, it’s every other stitch. You’ll work with them later when you make the earflaps.