Pattern Question

1st Earflap: With smaller needles, cast on 4 sts.
1st row: (WS). Knit.
2nd row: Inc 1 st in first st. Knit to last 2 sts. Inc 1 st in next st. K1.
Rep last 2 rows to 14 (16-18-20) sts.
Knit 3 rows.
Next row: As 2nd row. 16 (18-20-22) sts. Place marker.
Work in garter st (knit every row) until work from marked row measures 1¾ (2-2-2¼) ins [4.5 (5-5-5.5) cm], ending with a WS row. Break yarn.

2nd Earflap: Work as given for 1st Earflap. Do not break yarn.

Next row: (Joining row). With smaller needles, cast on 6 (8-8-8) sts. K16 (18-20-22) from 2nd earflap. Cast on 36 (38-42-42) sts. K16 (18-20-22) across 1st Earflap. Cast on 6 (8-9-8) sts. 80 (90-98-102) sts in total. Place marker.

Knit 7 rows (garter st), noting 1st row is WS and inc 2 sts evenly across last row. 82 (92-100-104) sts.

Change to larger needles and proceed in stocking st until work from beg measures
4½ (5-5½-6¼) ins [11.5 (12.5-14-16) cm], ending with a purl row.

[B]My problem is after the 2nd earflap…
I left the first one on my circular needle and the second as well…
So do I just add the stitches it says to…
…I’m not sure what to do now at all…[/B]

It may be easier if you put the first earflap on another needle for now. With the RS of the flap on the needle facting you cast on stitches, then knit the sts that are still on the needle. Cast on more stitches, then knit the sts of the other earflap and cast on the remaining sts. You can use the cable cast on for all of these - at the end of the first flap, turn it to cast on the sts before you go to the other flap.

Okay, so I cast on those stitches then knit back to the other end of the second flap…

CO sts at the beginning of the flap you left on the needle, knit the sts of the flap, CO more sts, knit the sts of the other flap, CO the last few stitches. It’s confusing because the first flap you knit will be the 2nd one that you join to the cast on stitches.