Pattern Question

I’m having just a little snag with this pattern

In short, it calls for working short rows from the tip all the way around, which I have done.

I have reached my marker on the knit side and wrapped the stitch.

The next step says: Continue with the knit side facing you, working again in the round. Knit 2 rounds, picking up the wrap of the first stitch.

My problem is that I wrapped that stitch on the purl side because I was working back and forth…I can’t figure exactly where the wrap is. From the knit side to me it looks like it is behind the stitch instead of in front but I’m not sure.
I understand this question is confusing but if you have any insight I would really appreciate it!!

It should be around the stitch and sometimes you might have to manipulate them manually to get them on the needle the right way so it goes to the WS. I always have to experiment with how I wrap sts and what works for me is to wrap them around the outside of the slip st instead of inside.

Short rows are still strange sorcery to me. I’ve done them a couple of times, but I can’t be trusted to handle the job unsupervised. :danger to myself and others: :wink:

This may be too late to help the OP, but I recently used German short rows to knit a sleeve cap (which I later ripped out because it was too big, but, hey, practice, right?):

You can easily see where you’ve turned using this method because the stitch looks different. I found it easy to do and to understand. The other short row method just confuses me.

Lovely cowl. I hope you’ll post a picture of yours when you’re done!

I found the wrap now and have since stitched them together but have a rather large hole between that knit stitch and the one I knit before the marker…I’ve tried as many ways as I can think to fix this issue and can’t find where I would have dropped the stitch…I’m getting so frustrated and tempted to just keep going with a big hole in the back. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I might fix it later?

Maybe just work the loose yarn into the nearby stitches.

There’s some alternates to W&T for making short rows you might find work easier for you.

Short Rows: Shadow Wraps
The Fleegle Short Row
YO Short Rows Tutorial
Rox, Ask a Knitter Short Rows
Cat’s short row Heel Tutorial No wrap W&T
TECHknitting: Short rows Knitting Short Rows 101:

There certainly are lots of ways to do short rows including German short rows (one link for knit and one for purl) which don’t W&T but appear perfectly integrated into the knitting.

Sometimes the judicious use of a needle threaded with the same yarn as the project can be used to pull the area with the hole together if you can’t work the exta yarn into the row.