Pattern Question

Please help me understand this:
“Proceed in stocking st, inc 1 st at each end of needle on 3rd and every row to 104 sts, then on following alt rows to 122 st. Purl 1 row”

I understand that they wane mt increase at each end of the work. What is confusing me is the 3rd and every row and then alternating rows… not making much sense to me.

Starting on the 3rd row, inc at the beg and end of [I]every[/I] row until you have 104 sts. Then inc on every[I] other row[/I] (following alt rows) until there’s 122 sts. When you inc every other row, that’s usually done on the RS rows. So if you get to 104 sts on a knit row, then work the purl row and inc again on the knit row which would start the every other row iinc pattern.

thank you, it was a confusing statement for me :slight_smile: