Pattern Question

I need some help reading a pattern for shaping the neck. The pattern reads as follows:

[B]Next row (RS)[B]: Work across first 26 (28, 30, 31) sts, join 2nd ball of yarn and bind off center 12 sts, work to end of row.

Working both sides at once with separate skeins of yarn, bind off at each neck edge [4 sts] twice, then [3 sts] once. Dec 1 st at each neck edge [every other row] 4 (6, 8, 9) times. (11 sts each side)

Continue to work even until piece measures approx 19 (20, 21, 22) inches, ending with a WS row. Bind off rem sts.

The problem I am having is the second part. Working both sides of work at once. Am I supposed to bind off one side of the neck edge every other row? It doesn’t work if I try to bind off both sides at once.

Thank you

You work both shoulders as if they were one row, is what ‘work both sides at once’ means. Each shoulder is on one side of the neck. So… work the first set of sts, drop the yarn, BO 12, then finish the row. Turn and on the WS row, do those sts, drop the yarn when you get to the bound off ones, pick up the other yarn, BO 4 sts, and finish the row. Next row (RS) work to the neck, drop yarn, pick up other yarn, BO 4 sts and finish the row. Repeat that and thats the BO 4 sts at each neck edge twice. Then repeat except BO 3 sts at the neck edge one time each. After that, you can dec 1 st at each neck all on the RS rows, you don’t have to do it on the WS at all.

Thank you very much. It makes perfect sense now.