Pattern question

I am knitting a baby sweater from a Leisure Arts pattern book called Sweet Layettes to Knit. The sweater is on the cover. I am a pretty experienced knitter but one place in the pattern has me baffled.

Row 5 on the Right Front is : K4, P1, work Twist, (P2, increase) across to last st, P1: 40 st.

I know how to work the twist but (P2, increase) has me baffled. This row will add 8 stitches on and I wonder–do I P1 and increase on the second P? Also there is a section describing how to increase which states: knit into the front and into the back of next stitch.

I really have no idea how to continue.

Any help please?? :tap:

You would purl 2 sts then do an increase in the following stitch.

I agree.

I’d work a lifted increase on the next stitch…or a Make 1 increase on the bar just before the next stitch. Whichever one looks best to you.

Thanks for your help. I think I have finally figured it out.