Pattern Question

Hi, everyone,

There is a bag pattern I would like to try (Felted “No Rules” Bag), but some of the wording has me a little confused. Here is what the pattern says:

Cast on 130 (150, 170) sts. Join in a circle, taking care not to twist. Place st marker to mark the beginning of the row. With your first color, Round 1: K, Round 2: P, Round 3: K, Round 4: P, Round 5: K, Round 6: P, Round 7: K, inc 10 sts evenly across the first row - 140 (160, 180) sts total, Round 8 and all rem rounds to the bottom: K. Remove the marker - it doesn’t matter where the beginning was now! Start changing colors whenever and however you like (this is the “no rules” part!)

My confusion begins after Round 7. Where it says “inc 10 sts evenly across the first row” do they mean that you should do that increase right in Round 1, or after Round 7?

Thanks to anyone who can help clear this up for me!!


I think that you are to do those 10 increases even across round #7. I think the part where it says “across first row” is confusing terminology.