Pattern Question?

The pattern I have calls for repeating rows 15-34 five to six times for the desired length, working additional sts into pattern repeats as established.

I understand repeating the patern five to six more times but I’m confused about the working additional sts into pattern repeats as established.

Does that mean that i just follow the pattern as I have or does that mean I need to compensate for the increases that occured the first time around. I think I just confused myself even more.:hair:

If anyone can make any sense of what I just wrote please help me!!!

Thank you in advance:thumbsup:

You need to compensate for the additional sts. Is it a sleeve or something like a shawl?

Its a shawl–how do I compensate? I have no clue how to do that.
Here is the link to the pattern. Please help!

Okay, the best bet may be to place a marker at the beginning and end of each pattern repeat. I’ve made this one though and I don’t think you’ll need to worry about it. When you start row 15 again, there will be enough sts to go through the pattern repeat to the center st an extra time or two. It’s just there as a reminder that you should repeat the sequence between the * again. And it’s written oddly in that she uses both * and () to set off the repeat. It’s redundant, there’s no special meaning for one over the other.

Just to make sure I understand this. Youre saying that i would repeat row 15 two times to make it across the row??

I am so frustrated. I just dont get it. I’m 2 seconds away from ripping it all out. I dont think I’m ready for a pattern like this. GRRRR!!!