Pattern question

Am knitting my first sweater. Am on front panel and have reached directions to shape neckline and armholes. I am on circular needles. The directions read:
…work across 19 stitches, attach another ball of yard and work the center 26 stitches and place them on a stitch holder, and work across rest of row. Working with both sides at once, decrease 1 st at each neck edge every other row 3 times.

Okay, I worked the 19 stitches on circular needle, worked next 26 stitches and then moved them to stitch holder and secured. So I have the two sides of circular needles, each with 19 stitches and then 26 on the holder. I don’t know what the rest means-- work across rest of row – using the ball I added or the original ball of yarn? On circular needle or ??

Are you working back and forth on the circs? I have to assume you are since you are working the front panel.

Work across the second set of 19 stitches with the yarn you added that’s now coming from the stitches that are on the holder. You will have completed the row.

So each side is a shoulder and the middle held stitches are your neck stitches which you will pick up again as you do the collar. You will decrease on each side of the holder for the neck st decreases.

So if I’m working on left needle, do I use the right shoulder needle to work the stitches?

Yes. You can still keep both shoulders on the same needles. It’s having the separate ball of yarn for each that keeps them disconnected.

Thank you Thank you Thank you! :cheering: