Pattern Question

I’m doing a dishcloth, and the pattern says:
1-4: knit across
5: k3, P30, k3
6: and all remaining even-numbered rows; knit across

49-52:repeat rows 5&6 :??
53-55: knit across

I’m confused about how you repeat rows 5&6 on rows 49-52, do i repeat 5&6 twice? Do i still knit across all even rows? I’ve got it all the way to that point but i don’t want to screw it up! Thanks!

These directions make it a lot more confusing than need be, I think.

It looks like you are knitting a plain square with st st with a garter stitch border, right?

So knit the first 5 rows.

Knit the first and last three stitches of every row, and on the stitches in between, knit one side and purl the other.

Knit the last five rows.

The end result will be that you’re knitting every row on the front, but I think its easier to separate the two features of the pattern.

Actually it is k,p pattern because it has a “H” directly in the middle, sorry i should have mentioned that, i skipped the middle directions because they are all k so many, purl so many…etc.

Okay, when i said i skipped the middle, i don’t mean i skipped it in my knitting I just didn’t type it out! Sorry to confuse!

Well, the basic premise still stands. Knit the first and last five rows, knit the first and last three stitches.

On the front, knit the background stitches, and purl the H stitches.
On the back, purl the background stitches, and knit the H stitches.

But row 5 says: k3 p30 k3, so i do that twice for rows 49 & 51 when i only did that row once at the beginning?

Ok, I think I see. After the H, they’re telling you to knit four rows of st st, when in the beginning you only did two?

If you want the top and bottom to match, just knit the two rows. Then do the garter edge.

Exactly. I hate to say she wrote the pattern wrong…but to me it would make sense to say Row 49-50: repeat 5&6 rows 51-54: knit across, then the top and bottom would match.

It could just be that she liked the top to be a little higher than the bottom. In the end, though, it’s your call.

Sounds good! Thanks Ingrid! :heart: