Pattern question

I am knitting the children’s neckdown bolero and the instructions say:

Continue to work in stockinette st, decreasing 2nd and 3rd st, and 2nd and 3rd from the end of every knit row, until work measures 101/2 ins from the top of the shoulder…

Now my question is, does this mean to decrease twice at the end of each knit row? In the 2nd and 3rd stitch, or does it mean to Ktog the 2nd and 3rd stitch? I am very confused and I am sure this is easy to someone more experienced than I…

Thanks for any help! I hate when I don’t understand directions…


I [B]think[/B] it means to knit the 2nd and 3rd sts together. Would make more sense.

That’s my feeling, too.

Thank you, that is what I kind of thought too, but I needed some reassurance…I wish patterns would just say what they mean sometimes…

Ginny, I think that the pattern writer was being a bit lazy and didn’t want to try to specify the way you should decrease those two stitches and so left it vague.

Everyone has their “favorite” way of decreasing and if it is close to a seamed edge it isn’t as critical, but you may want to do a “left-slanting” decrease (knitting the two stitches together through the back loops k2tog tbl is the easiest one)on the right edge and a “right-slanting” decrease (k2tog) on the left edge.

There are other great ways to do decreases where they “show”- like at a v-neck or for darts.

Ginny, What pattern are you doing? Cause I am in search of a "toddler"bolero for a little girl? Thanks

I don’t know if they were being lazy, or trying to be precise but ended up vague instead. Most patterns say something like - dec 1 st both ends of the row - and leave it up to the knitter. This person was trying to say to do the decs one st in from the end. It would be more clear if they would say k1, k2tog, xx to the last 3 sts, k2tog, k1. (or use ssk and k2tog).