Pattern question

The pattern for a cardigan, starting at left front, explains how to start the front, and how to shape full-fashioned raglan armhole. Okay, got that. Then shape the neck. Got that. On right front, it says to work to correspond to left front, reversing all shaping and forming buttonholes, etc. Got that. Right underneath this instruction it says:

"To Decrease for Full-Fashioned Raglan Armhole: K to last 4 sts, sl 1, K 1, psso, K2. "

Okay, is that for both fronts or ust the Right? I thought I had been decreasing all along with the Shape instructions. What is this last decrease for? Where is it suppose to be?

Hmmm… I think I need more info. Do you have a link for the pattern, or where did you find it?

The pattern is in an old Knitting book called “Knitting for Pleasure”. It’s a basic cardigan pattern for children.

They may just be using a different decrease for the left armhole so it will lean differently than for the right. You said that it gave directions for the right armhole decrease already, so I’m thinking that this different type of decrease is what they want.

Well, apart from typing the whole pattern on here, I don’t know what to do next. I’m at a stand still until I figure this out. :frowning:

From this I’m assuming that you did the left front. armhole and neck shaping.

For the right front, I’m thinking that the above armhole directions are for the right armhole, and you do the neck decreases on the right side neck the way you did them on the left neck.

Thanks Ingrid. I will “trust the pattern” and just go along with what it says.