Pattern Question

I am knitting a sweater and I am beginning to shape the back. The pattern says I should Work 44 rows dec 1 st at each end of next and every foll alt row.

I have just finished a row of knit, and I take this to mean that I am dec 1 st at the end of every ws row, but that would make the shaping only on one side? Could someone explain this pattern instruction better for me? Thank you!

Yes, often the shaping is only done on one side of the work, usually the right side. This is fine, both left and right sides are being shaped still. I would decrease 1 st each end every RS row. That is, on the right side rows, I would decrease, knit to the end of the row, and decrease again. Wrong side rows would be worked even.

No, wait… `Each end’ means both the beginning and end of a row. You decrease at [B]both[/B] edges of the row.

She said alternate rows I think so that would be one side.

It seems like it should be both though if you are shaping the back. :??:think:

I think we may all be trying to say the same thing. Yes, you are shaping both the left and right sides. However, you are not doing the shaping on wrong side rows. I think the source of confusion is coming from “right” as the opposite of “left” and “right” as the opposite of “wrong”.

You are not doing shaping on the wrong side of the work, but on the right side, that is the public side, the side that faces out. You [I]are[/I] doing it on both the right and left sides of this public side, though. For example: On RS rows, ssk, k to last 2 sts, k2tog.

(or if, for some strange reason, you absolutely have to do the decreases on the WS, then you would not be doing them on the RS)

Thanks mwedzi, that’s how I read the original poster, but I guess I misread your reply and didn’t see that you also addressed the `each end’ point.

:doh:Glad that was cleared up! :teehee: