Pattern question

In a general sense, is there a difference between free patterns and patterns that you must purchase? Just wondering… :thinking:


Yes. One costs money and the other doesn’t.

Sorry, I couldn’t resist. I haven’t seen a real difference. Both go from simple to complex, bad to good. Like anything else, you have to take a look at them.

Do you mean in terms of “quality”? I don’t think so. I rarely purchase patterns because there are so many good ones out there that are free! is a great example… I love everything there! I guess that maybe patterns you have to buy might be more likely to have been test knit by several people and therefore maybe errors are less… but I haven’t experienced a difference in the amount of mistakes between free and purchased patterns. (in fact, I think the free ones I’ve used have had less mistakes… all of the books I own have errors)

I think the difference is between free patterns and for sale patterns by one company/person. If they’re both offered by the same company or person, the free patterns are generally not as detailed, or they took less work to produce. However, there are lots and lots of simply wonderful free patterns out there by many different people and companies. I buy patterns regularly, because if there’s a pattern for sale that I just love, I’m more than happy to pay for it. But I also use free patterns just as often. :slight_smile:

I’ve used both free and fee patterns too. I haven’t come across anything other than price to set them apart. I have more free patterns in my pattern shash than fee patterns, but oddly enough, most of finished work came from purchased patterns … go figure. :wink: