Pattern question


I’m new to the site, and new to knitting. I’m working on a patchwork sweater for my daughter, and have just “finished” the back - except for the bind off. I have 86 stitches in stockinette, and the instructions say to “Bind off 25 sts, place center 36 sts on holder for back neck, bind off rem 25 sts.”

I’m stumped… do I cut the yarn at the end of the first 25 stitches, then weave that end in? And then how do I start binding off after the center 36 are on a holder? (Is it like starting a new ball of yarn on a bind off row?) Or is there some way to keep the yarn continuous while placing the center stitches on the holder?

Thanks for any help and suggestions!

BO 25, knit 36 for the neck, [B]then[/B] place them on the holder and BO the remaining sts.

Thank you! I’m sure I’ll be back for more help - this site is full of awesome knitters and loads of help!