Pattern question

I am new at knitting. My pattern reads:

Cast on 46 sts
Row 1: k5, p5 across row. Repeat this row 4 times.

I am making an afgan. If I do this I come out with an extra st at end…what do I do with it??

I am guessing that the instructions are really to k5, p across row to last 5 stitches, then k5. That would give you a border of 5 st in garter stitch at each side. Do you have a picture of the final product to see if that makes sense?

I agree that something seems to be amiss with that pattern … don’t you hate that :!!!: ! Try to post a pic or link to the finished pattern – or re-read the instructions to see if you missed anything.

Do you have a link to the pattern?

Since the pattern begins and ends with the k5 I think they want you to slip the first stitch for the selvege. To slip the first stitch just slip it off the needle purlwise. Don’t knit it or purl it. It creates a nice chainlike edge. It will create a nice even edge on your afghan.

That still doesn’t work – 46 doesn’t divide by 5. She’s got 1 extra stitch.

I’d suggest just casting on 45 stitches.