Pattern Question

I bought this pattern so can’t send you there to read it but this is the part I’m confused about
Back—Cast on 59 sts.Work Garter st for 3 rows.Change to Basketweave St. pattern until 12"from co edge.Bind off 4 sts at the beginning of the next ? rows.Continue on 71 sts until armhole is 8’’.Bind off all Sts.That’s all it says for the back.

So how can I continue on 71 sts when I only have 59 to stsrt with :shrug:
The ? mark is there because I punched holes in the pattern to put it in a notebook and punched out the number :doh:
This pattern is nuts :wall:
The Basketweave pattern had 1 extra st in it :!!!: AND When I cast on the 59 sts and did 3 rows of Garter st and then started Basketweave st I was 2 sts short for pattern :!!!: It has 8 rows for Basketweave pattern and all the rows have 6 sts except one row has 7 :!!!: So now I’m thinking the cast on numbers are wrong too :!!!: HELP

Garter works wide so is there chance you need to work some increases after that to keep the basketweave to same width? (Would need 12 inc to go from 59 to 71. Sounds like quite a few.) What is the st rep on the basketweave? Blocks of 3 sts, 4 sts? You can ascertain the number of sts needed by calc’ing the repeat. OR…

Is the 71 supposed to be 51? 59 less 2 bo’s of 4 (59-8=51). Just a thought.

What is the garment? Sounds very boxy with little shaping.


I was thinking that maybe there’s a typo, too. 51 rather than 71.

Here is a pic of sweater
the basket pattern has 9 sts for repeat
All the co 55 59 63 67
continuue ons 67 71 75 79
2-p2 (k4 p2 )k1
3-p1( k2 p4 )k2
4-p2 (k4 p2) k1
6-k2 (k1 p2 k3) k1
7-p1( p3 k2 p1) p2
8-k2 k1 p2 k3) k1

So is the repeat 6 sts or 9sts? and which numbers should I change the cos or continues? I’m confused :shrug:

Trendsetter has link on their site to contact them. Being this is one of their patterns, advise as to your dilemma. (Didn’t see errata info posted there.) The diff between all ‘c/o’s’ and ‘continues’ is 12 sts in all szs so something happening in between that’s not in instructions. Tried writing out basketweave pattern for R2 and doesn’t come out to the 71 posted (I got 75). Does appear something missing in the instructions so I’m stumped. Sorry…

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