Pattern question

I am following a pattern to make pants…and I am a beginner…

Here are the instructions… I have done my short row at the B marker and purled back to my A marker. Now do I do another short row thingy or do I just turn around and knit back?

Place a stitch marker after ¼ of the stitches and at ¾ of the stitches (in the example, at 22 (A) stitches and 66 (B) stitches)
when you reach stitch marker B, work a short row back (
when you reach stitch marker (A) turn back around and continue knitting for 3 rows.
repeat a short row set from marker (B) back to (A) and on again.
knit 3 rows
repeat one more short row set from marker (B) back to (A), remove markers and knit on until your body measures your needed rise. The back will be a bit larger than your front, so make sure to measure accordingly.

also, am I only supposed to knit the three rows from marker to marker or does it mean all the way a round my circulars??

I read the instructions as:

Short row between markers A and B, then three complete rounds - do this three times.