Pattern question

I am trying to knit a bag on circular needles. After I finish knitting the “body” of the bag, I am supposed to switch to a different size circular needle to knit the flap. Although the pattern does not specifically state that I should knit in the round, I did so, and the flap turned out all wrong. So I am thinking maybe I shouldn’t be knitting “in the round” for the flap??? How would I do this? Can you help?

I would think that you would just want to knit back and forth and not do a join to knit in the round. You can use your circulars to knit flat as well.

What specifically does your pattern say?

i agree…is the flap portion giving instructions in rows or in rounds?

well, that’s the problem… the “body” portion instructions say to “join” but I notice that the flap portion instructions do not say to join, so I think I will just try knitting back and forth. Thanks for the advice!