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I want to knit a blanket called “Zigzag Eyelet Throw”. It has a garter st border with an eyelet/stockinette center. The pattern calls for knitting the garter st at the beginning and end with size 11 needles and the center with size 13. I’m wondering why that would be necessary!! Is there some sort of advantage to doing it that way?? Or can I just do the whole thing with 11s or 13s??

What do u think??

At least one of the Ravelry knitters noticed that the blanket was too large for her on 13s and stayed with 11s for the entire blanket.

Usually you would make the needle switch because the pattern draws the knitting in and you want the width of the body and edging to be similar.
Alternatively if you give it a try on one size needle and if you find that the pattern stitch is pulling in you could cast on fewer sts for the edging then increase on the first pattern row. It’s a guess how many sts to cast on.

Knowing that garder stitch has a much higher row per inch than stockinette stitch. It would seem the size 13 needle would be suggested for the border while the pattern field would be on smaller size 11 needles.

But I have read and used short periodic rows on the edging to compensate for difference in garter st row gauge vs stockinette row gauge.

@salmonmac what fo you think?

It is a memory from 9 to 13 years ago. The kh member had made several projects with matching cami and cardigan sets. Lived in the mountains of the upper mid west (fuzzy application of US geography) and I can not remember their name.

The short rows every now and then on the side borders is a good idea to help them “catch up” with the main body. It’s just a bit cumbersome to have two 13s, one on each edge and the 11 in the middle.

This project indicates that the pattern starts with 11 and changes to 13 for main body. (Maybe also a correction to look out for noted here.)

Either working with one needle size or two, Jack’s suggestion of extra short rows is definitely helpful. You don’t even need to work a wrap & turn or other short row equivalent.

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