Pattern Question

row 1 K1 *p3 k1 p3 k11 rep twice p3 k1 p3 k1
row 2 k1 k3 1 seed st k3 p11 rep twice more k3 1 seed st k3 k1
row 3 rep row 1
row 4 k1
place 7 sts on cable needle and wrap yarn around the sts 3 times, put sts back on left hand needle k3 p1 k3 p11 rep twice

ok I don’t get the seed st on row 2,you need 2 rows to do a seed st I tried doing just the first part of seed st (2 sts) and the numbers don’t come out right

row 4 I don’t get 7 sts on cable and wrap 3 times


Your link didn’t work, but I found it anyway. Where is the problem? They give the seed stitch directions in two rows. :thinking:

sorry I was typing cause link won’t come up so read first part again I

row 1 K1 *p3 [color=red]k1[/color] p3 k11 rep twice p3 k1 p3 k1
row 2 k1 *k3 [color=red]1 seed st[/color] k3 p11 rep twice more k3 1 seed st k3 k1

When they say one seed stitch, they want you to do the opposite of what the stitch is as it’s facing your.

In row one that stitch is a knit. When you flip it over, it will look like a purl, so you’ll knit that stitch again.

When they give the instructions later on for X number of seed stitches, just knit the opposite of what it looks like on the stitch below–knit the purls and purl the knits.

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ,how about row 4?

Oh yeah!

How I see it is you put those 7 stitches on the dpn and actually wrap the yarn around the outside of all the stitches, like putting a belt on them. After you slip them back on the left needle, you start dividing them for the way they branch out with the 3/1/3. It will look like a decorative effect at the base of the diamond.

Thanks again Ingrid :happydance: