Pattern question



Hi… I am knitting socks (which I have done before)…but when I get to the toe, and the part says
you now have 6 stitches on each of your 4 needles but I know that I have to get down to 2 needles before I can do the Kitchener stitch,the pattern does not tell me how to do that.
Hope you can understand what I mean…thanking you for helping me


First, while it might be easier to go down to two needles, it is not necessary. If you want to go down to two needles, you simply move over the stitches so one needle is sharing all the top stitches and one needle all the bottom stitches.


You can’t do the grafting part with stitches on 4 needles


It is possible. If you consider a sock knitted with 5 dpns (four for holding stitches and one for knitting), you have 2 needles for the instep side and 2 needles for the sole side. First you do Kitchener’s stitch with the first instep needle and the closest sole needle. Once both of them are removed (because you have advanced with the grafting) you continue with the second pair of needles.