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Hi, my name is Donna and I am working on a intarsia baby blanket that has sheep in it and they use fuzzy yarn (Pip Squeak Yarn)…I am ready to weave in my ends on these sheep but have no idea where to start with my tail cause the fuzzy yarn makes it impossible to see my stitches and also the sheep’s legs are only 2 stitches one on top of the other and there is not room to weave these tails without going out of the black areas…Please help me with some instructions as I am eager to start the second panel…tks for any help

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Are you planning on lining the blanket? in that case it’ll work to weave in the ends into the adjoining color. That will help with the legs on the sheep. If not, you might try splitting the plies and weaving into just the two sts.
Weaving in with a fuzzy yarn is more difficult since you can’t see sts but also easier for the same reason. Weave in as best you can, feeling for the stitches and perhaps using the border with the next color. It’s not going to show in any case and will just add to the fluffiness of the sheep.

What pattern are you following? Can you give us a link or a pattern neame?

Tks for your reply…the blanket I am knitting is “Flock of Sheep” blanket from IKnitDesibns…found a video on weaving in ends as you go from…thinking of trying that so I don’t have to weave in ends period …could you take a look at that and give me your feedback?

Cheers Donna

There are several videos on weaving in ends, all of which are very helpful.
The one on weaving in as you go

Is certainly a nice and workable method. It’s not my preferred method because of the bulkiness of the 2 yarns that are carried in back of the current row but it’s a neat method to use. I would rather weave in the 2 yarns separately as in this video:

This is a conventional method that follows the path of the yarn.

This is such an adorable blanket. Some of the projects show the lining on the back which simplifies weaving in ends and lets you leave a bit longer end since it won’t show under the lining.

tks for your reply…think I’m going to use it…don’t really care about the bulkiness on the back…going to line the blanket with flannel anyway


I like lining the blanket. It solves the problems of where to weave in ends and how short to cut the final yarn end. Do let us see a photo when you finish.

Hi once again…lol my two strands will be one fuzzy one background yarn…hope I don’t mess this project up…want to join a new ball of yarn in the first row of my knit row of stockinette…so guess I can do that before I do it again when I get to the first sheep then repeat for the other 4 sheep in the second panel…going to wind several balls of each fuzzy and background so that I don’t have too many repeats of this technique…clear as mud?..bobbins just do not hold enough wraps which causes more weaving in…wish me luck and don’t be afraid to give me advice on this email


Donna…p.s. if and when I am finished my project, I will email you a pic

I find bobbins don’t work for me so I wind small balls of yarn for each area (sheep and background). If I understand, you won’t join the fuzzy yarn until you get to the first sheep, right?
The distance between sheep is short so with smooth yarn you could carry the white from sheep to sheep across the background. I’m afraid that the fuzzy yarn might be too bulky to do that.

You can always practice with a small swatch if you’re not sure about how this will go. This will work out beautifully, I’m sure. Spending the extra time thinking about how-to is worth it.

When weaving I ends on my flock of sheep baby blanket, the fuzzy yarn sheep ar right next to my background color and I can’t see to do the duplicate stitch on the back…hope you understand what I am saying…I can only go one way with my main color tail…Contacted the designer of this pattern also about weaving in the ends on the sheep’s legs (only 2 stitches) and the head,but not much help,
To weave in ends of the white part of the sheep, she said just grab 5 stiches at edge of sheep one way then go back in opposite direction…Don’t understand…I amon the 4th row of sheep and have attemted weaving ends but don’t think I am doing it right and afraid it will eventually UNRAVEL,ugh any help would be appreciated…Thanks…Donna

Fuzzy yarns tend to stay in place without unraveling. If you weave in along the line where the background and the fuzzy yarns cross, then reverse and come back weaving in the column next to that line or one over from that line as the designer suggested, that should work. I leave a bit longer tail than usual since I’m lining the blanket anyway.
I just faced a similar problem with a blanket. There were only two sts on the light over a fire engine and in a stop light in the Traffic Blanket. I wove into the 2 sts and then skimmed into the background color. By that I mean splitting the yarn strands at the purl sts to be sure the yarn wouldn’t show on the front. Again I left a bit longer tail, maybe 0.5".

Tks so much for your help,will try this

Cheers Donna