Pattern question

I’ve been looking at a pattern for a knitted kerchief. It’s 20” X 32” using DK yarn and a size 6 needle. It’s a very simple, easy pattern. And it uses over 600 yards of yarn. 600 yards? I’m not good at estimating yarn but does that sound right?

600yds is roughly 2 x 100g(3.5oz x2) skeins/balls whatever name you use!!:smile:

Thanks for your help and that brings up something else I don’t quite understand. Why is the weight of the yarn important when figuring yardage? I have a skein of silk yarn that weighs 45 grams but is 400 yards. It’s very fine lace weight yarn which will naturally weigh less per yard. I don’t understand the emphasis on grams or ounces.

This might help to explain, it’s to do with the thickness of each different yarn weight. A 100g of very thin fine yarn will provide much more yardage than an equivalent weight of thick bulky yarn.

I don’t pay attention to ounces or grams as a rule. The gauge which includes stitches per inch is most important.

If you cast on 20 stitches and knit for 20 rows of each yarn you’ll get a much smaller square with lace weight than you will with worsted. So you need more yardage for a lace weight sweater than one made in worsted weight. Needle size can also affect size. So always check the gauge when you make something…most importantly a garment.

Grams or ounces always seemed to be so important but it never really helped. I agree, gauge is everything. It’s a nuisance to knit swatches but it’s the only way to start off on the right track. Thanks for the confirmation!

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You don’t need the weight of the yarn if you are following the pattern but it helps when you are substituting yarns or using up your stash. You can weigh your swatch and figure out how much of a given yarn you will need to complete the pattern.

Weighing the swatch is a great idea, I never thought of that! Thanks!!