Pattern question

Pattern question

I am beginning the top front and back of my sleeveless sweater and the instructions are as follows :

Separate front and back and shape sleeves
Next row: (RS) Remove BOR m, kf/pb, pm, work next row of lace pattern at to 1 st before side m, pm, pf/kb, remove side m, place remaining sts on holder for front (2 sts increased)—76 (85, 94, 103, 112, 121, 130, 139, 148) sts on needle.

I get what the pattern is saying and I get the correct number of stitches however: I am wondering, once I do the increase on both ends of this row and place markers should there be 2 stitches outside of the markers or 1 stitch outside of the markers. I am to continue with the lace pattern as specified but wondered if I lose the stitches I used for the increases as they are both placed on the outside of my markers in addition to the new increased stitches - again leaving 2 stitches (on each end) outside of my markers versus 1.

The way the markers are placed, you will have 2sts outside the markers at each end of the row. The lace panel is worked in the sts between markers. When you work the row, knit or purl the end sts according to the pattern and continua with the lace panel.
Are there further increases in outside the markers? What is the name of the pattern?

Thank you ! And yes the increases continue so I’ll go from 92 stitches to 110, so a 9 stitch increase on each side - 18 stitch increase total - from there I work the pattern till this piece of the sweater measures 7.5 inches in height.

The name of the pattern is Lavina by Cecily Glowik MacDonald

Very delicate and pretty.