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My pattern says work in st st keeping first 7 sets of rs row in garter. Isn’t rs always knitted so it would be garter on rs?

Can you please provide us with a link to the pattern? I feel that it is telling you that you knit the first 7 rows and then the 8th row you start working in stockenett st. Are these instructions at the start of the pattern starting at row one?

Pattern is Plymouth yarn sockotta limited girls dress. The instructions are for right front. After casting on work in garter 2 inches then switch to st st & keeping first 7 sts of RS rows in garter stitch etc

Ok, I think I understand what it’s saying. After you finish knitting that last row of garter st you will turn your work and
you will purl across to the last 7sts, knit the last 7 sts, turn
k to the end turn purl to last 7 st, k to end. Turn k to end and so on.

Till it tells you differently. By knitting the last 7st on the wrong side it will keep the first 7 st’s on the rs as a garter st. Does this make sense?

Thank u but when u finish 2inches of garter it says end with WS row. Wouldn’t I then turn & supposed to knit on Rs st st. Then puts on WS. But the first 7 sts of RS row in garter is throwing me off. Do I purl RS so first 7 would b garter?

Then purl on WS. Sorry typo.

You will knit to the end on RS and then turn and purl back to the last 7 sts and then knit the last 7. That’s the only way your going to keep the garter on the edge and the purl on the back will be help make the stockenett st. If you purl on the RS you would have the purl bumps and the SS would end up on the WS.

Is the edging on the left or right side of this panel? This is the edge that will be over lapping the left panel?

Edging is on the left side of this panel when it is worn

I am assuming that this is the left panel right? If so then after the 2in garter you will.

  1. K you the end and turn
  2. K the first 7sts then P to the end and turn
  3. K to the end and turn
  4. K the first 7 sts and purl to the end.

If this is the right panel then you will do the opposite of the above instructions and work the end of the purl side and do 7 K sts. Just remember that the garter sts have to be to the inside edge of the panel. Knitting RS edge and WS of same edge will make the garter edging that you want.

You keep doing this till the pattern tells you differently. This way your garter stitches will on the left side of the edging of the RS.

Is there any way you can post a picture? I couldn’t find the pattern.

Thank you so much.

Your very welcome. I would love to see a picture of the dress.

Please share a picture also of the dress when you finish it :grinning:

Here is pic & instructions for you. Under the Right Front is where my questions were: After the 2 inch garter stitch ending with WS Row.

One thing to remember is that it is the left or right front, as you would wear the dress or sweater.
So for the RS of the right front, the first 7sts are knit as is the rest of the row. On the WS, purl across to the last 7sts, knit the last 7sts.
On the RS of the left front, knit across and continue to knit the last 7sts. On the WS, knit the first 7sts, then purl to the end of the row.

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Thank you again!!! Very helpful info.