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Hi I am new to this site and I have a question. I am starting a blanket with a basket weave pattern. The pattern says to K6. *K6. (Sl 1. K1) 5 times. K6. (Sl 1. K 1) 3 times. Rep from * to last 12 sts. K12. My question is do I knit 6 twice and then start into slipping the stitches? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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What pattern is this? Including a link whenever possible is always helpful.

The first k6 looks like it’s the border so k6 then start your repeat. The first time you will k6 twice but the repeat will not include k6 2x. For me it’s easier to keep things straight if I think, work the border stitches then begin the repeat. Does that make sense?

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My guess would be yes. Since you end with k12 after the last series of s1 k1. They separated the first 12 so you would have k6 between each series of s1 k1. It maintains the symmetry.


It is a free pattern sheet that I picked up at Michaels from Loops and Threads called Basket Weave Afghan.