Pattern question

I’m knitting a baby sweater…I’m pretty knew to this.
The pattern reads as follows:

1st row: (RS): *K5.P1.Cr2.P1Cr2.P1.K3.P1.Cr2.P1.K1.K3.P1.Rep fromto last 3sts.K3.
2nd row:Purl to last 16 sts.K1.P2.K1.P3.K1.P2.K6.
3rd row:K5.P1.Cr2.P1.K3.P1.Cr2.P1.K2.*P1.K3.Rep from *to last 2 sts.P1.K1.
4th row:as 2nd row.
These 4 rows complete one pattern.

Cont in pat for 32 more rows.
Next row:(Buttonhole row).K2.K2tog.yo.K1.P1.Cr2.P1.K3.P1.Cr2.P1.K1.(K3.P1) 3 times. K2tog.yo.K1.*P1.K3.Rep from * to end of row.
Work 1 row even in pat.

Shape front: next row: Pat across 17 sts. Sl1K.K1psso. Pat to end of row.
Work 1 row even.

Please help me understand the “Work 1 row even in pat.” part

and the “Pat across 17 sts…Pat to end of row.” part

Work one row even just means to work the row as you have been, without any increases or decreases.

Work 17 stitches as you have been working them, do the decrease, and then finish the row in the established pattern. It looks like these two rows are even rows, so it’s basically to purl except for the edges.