Pattern question

I’m knitting a top ( ) and I am working on the back first. It seems to be JUST the right size, but the front calls for increasing TEN stitches after the ribbing. I’m worried the front will be a bit too wide if I do so. What do you think? :thinking:

You have to increase in the front because of the cables and other patterns. They take up more stitches to get the same width than the stockinette back.

Thanks, Ingrid! I thought the cables might play a role here.
You’re always sooo fast with your replies!!! :wink:

I haven’t been on since this morning, so it must have been a psychic calling. :rofling:

:rofling: I have to admit…my image is shattered. I thought you were ALWAYS watching the monitor and knitting at the same time! :shock:

:verysad: No, I’m afraid I have to work. :frowning:

WORK??? :fingerwag: how dare you say four-letter words on a public forum!!! I’ll have Amy give you fifty lashes with a wet peice of 100% acrylic for that! :fingerwag: {although you could have made it worse by having two four letter words in a row – work hard – that’s the worst!!!} :roflhard: :roflhard:

Working hard or hardly working? Depends on the day!

Oh no!! Not the wet acrylic!! :rofling: