Pattern question with lace knitting

I inherited my mother’s yarn, including some half-completed projects that I’m trying to complete but I can’t get this 2 stitch lace pattern to work.
Here is the pattern:
Here is what it should look like.
If, on the first row I do selvage stitch (I’m just doing K1), YO, K,YO (repeat). Then on the second row I can’t P2 tog and drop the YOs because the YO is part of the P2 tog. If I P1 to move the pattern over one, and then P2 tog and drop the YO, that involves 3 stitches so I’m stuck again with the YO as part of the P2 tog. I’ve been troubleshooting this for a week! Trying everything I can think of to make this work. Anyone have any suggestions?

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Ugh. Images didn’t upload. I’ll try again.

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What is the name of the knitting pattern and the designer or source? I can see the yarn type on the top of the pattern.
The repeat should be yo, k1, yo, k1.
On the purl row, slip the purl to the right needle, drop the yarn over and p2tog the stitch on the right needle and the next purl stitch. You’ll be purling the 2 knit sts from the previous row together. The yarn overs won’t be worked but instead, drop them.

That is what worked. Thank you so much. I don’t understand why the pattern skipped over 3 out of 5 steps needed in the row for it to work.

The pattern was from Lana Grossa. I’ll be throwing that pattern book away.

Thanks again for your help. I don’t know how you figured it out!


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Delighted that you’ve got it working. Enjoy finishing up!