Pattern question - Snowbank Spa Cloth


Can someone help me out to clarify where the pattern (links below, I hope one of them works) says:

‘‘Work Snowbank Chart, repeating pattern 10 times across each row.’’
Would I repeat 10 times row 1, then 10 times row 2 etc. from the chart or
I would knit rows 1-8 10 times from the chart

Then the pattern says:

Work rows 1-8 7 times, then work rows 1-4 once more.
I would again knit rows 1-8 seven times.

FYI: I am knitting with straight needles.

Also, if it is not indicated which is RS or WS should I assume that R1 is RS, 2 WS?

I have tried to contact the email included in pattern to no avail.

Thank you

Link to pattern


Yes, you’ll need to repeat everything across the rows 10 times. It looks pretty well written so just follow the pattern. Patterns often make more sense as you knit them.

I would assume that row 1 is RS and row 2 is WS. So even rows are WS and odd rows are RS.

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Much appreciated! What confused me is that it says to work Snowbank chart 10 times and then next line it says: work row 1-8 7 times (isn’t this the same thing? It could of been: work Snowbank chart 17 times.

Thank you very much for your help and quick reply.

Lyne :slight_smile:

Because of the width of the cloth you’ll need to do the stitch repeat (row 1) 10 times. The entire pattern repeat is 8 rows.

Row 1 follow chart row 1 10 times
Row 2 follow chart row 2 10 times
etc till you’ve completed all 8 rows

Then do it all again 7 times for a total of 8 pattern repeats. A pattern repeat is all 8 rows.
Then do first 4 rows of pattern repeat.

Ohhh! Got it!!!

Thank you [:blush:]